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Children's Circle Daycare Society offers a full range of quality, licensed programming for children aged birth through to 5 years. We offer mixed-age groupings because we believe that children learn from their peers and the variety of experience, knowledge, and abilities of the children is beneficial for the group. We welcome family involvement and welcome you to read more about our philosophy and our staff.

We, as childcare providers, believe in philosophies that help guide your child's development. We also believe that there are many philosophers that have beneficial viewpoints on raising children, and that is why we value such diversity in our staff. We believe that a well-rounded Early Childhood Educator will take a little bit from many philosophers and make their teaching style their own.

All of our staff members are dedicated to the lives of children and to becoming life-long learners themselves. Our staff regularly participate in professional development opportunities. Many of our staff also serve as mentors to students in the Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and Sprott Shaw Early Childhood Education Programs which frequently use our centres as practicum placement sites.

Our Staff
Our staff are all trained and certified as Early Childhood Educators. Many of our staff also have Infant/Toddler and Special Needs Certificates. Our staff maintain valid first aid certificates and are experienced Childcare providers.

Qualified substitute childcare staff will be called in when our regular staff are away for reasons of illness, vacation, professional development or administrative duties. We maintain or exceed the staff/child ratio required by Provincial Licensing Regulations.

We also have qualified break staff to come in daily to give our staff their well-deserved rest period - this allows us to maintain our ratio at all times.

Gradual Entry
We do a gradual entry into our programs at both centres because we value that you and your child need a bit of time to get to know us and us to get to know your child's needs and wants. We will work with you through the transition to help ease a hard time.

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